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Ex-Spectator interview series – Gary

Ex-Spectator interview series

Gary, UX/UI Designer

This blog is about Recruiting. But it’s also about external views on Recruiting. We work as a service unit for our candidates and hiring managers and need the feedback from others to get better in our work.

This interview series will provide this external view and help us to understand how our stakeholders see us.

Who are you and what is your current job?

Hi, my name is Gary Fleischer, and I work as design team lead and UX / UI designer at Contorion, an online shop for craftsmen, in Berlin.

My job is to make our customers feel comfortable and our website easy to use for everyone. And to manage my team of course.

What Gif would you use to describe your daily work?

Depends on the situation. Actually, two come to my mind:
giphy (2)source

And what Gif describes your image of a typical HR department?

giphy (3)

Do you think that robots and/or algorithms will take over your job in the future? If not: Will they be able to help you with certain tasks?

I don’t think that we should be afraid of robots – there will always be jobs for humans in the digital creative industry. The job changes naturally with time with new technical possibilities, but that’s what makes it so exciting. We already use “robots and algorithms” to make daily business easier and to automate certain tasks.

To give you some examples: We use scripts for batch processing in Photoshop and InDesign. Besides that, we use a workflow platform called “Invision”.This platform helps us to translate our designs into code. Both tools help us designers (and the developers as well) to save time and focus on the more interesting tasks instead.

Robots, algorithms, and tools should be seen as a support for us, not as a threat to our jobs.

From your point of view: What makes a good Recruiter?

I think I would compare it to a good applicant. Good preparation for interviews and thorough research about the position you are responsible for is crucial. , Besides that, company recruiters should have a good knowledge about their industry and abroad and well-established network.

What do you think Recruiters could learn from your department or your daily routine?

I think for all positions it’s important that you do your job out of passion and love for the work you do. This is also true for recruiting, I think. You can’t fake this passion. Either you got it or you should stop working in your current job.

Do you have any must-read books to understand your area of work?

The best “book” to understand my work is the Internet. The best source to understand my work is a video::

Which 3 songs help you through a rough day at work?

With Spotify that changes a lot. Here are my current favorite songs 😉

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