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End of a Year – Jannis Tsalikis

Jannis is HR Director at VICE Media in Berlin, blogger and organizer of the HR BarCamp in Berlin and Vienna

What movie title best describes 2017 for you?

Alexis Sorbas, because is about the courage to fail and never losing faith and believe.

Your person of the year?

Yvonne Kalthöfer. She started as a Junior HR colleague in 2016 and did a great job since then. She got promoted and is professionally and personally an HR Rockstar!

Your favorite album from 2017?

LCD Soundsystem // American Dream

What are you most proud of this year?

Our internal communication tool called the “internal hub”, which was developed by the HR team and finally won the Personalmanagement Award 2017.

What HR tool or trend disappointed you the most in 2017?

Many companies still think that they can ignore employer branding. That’s a shame. It’s 2017, guys! Wake up!

And what tool or trend really did live up to the hype?

HR as a business field for startups.

Your favorite HR blog in 2017?

Hrisnotacrime! Best newcomer in the HR blog scene.

And the best HR event this year?

Well, sorry but it was the HR BarCamp in Berlin (and Vienna).

Which GIF best describes your vision of HR 20 years from now?


What should HR professionals do differently next year?

HR is people business so please be aware, that dialog is a must. Start talking to employees and start taking care of their needs. 2018 HR Managers have to act like brand ambassadors and authentic networkers internally as well as externally.

What will be the “next big thing” in Recruiting?

Would be HR colleagues who understand, that you just can’t follow a trend to do the right thing. You’ll always have to understand the needs of each company (which are unfortunately different) and then try to do your best to bring the company with its employees to the next level.

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