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End of a Year – Balazs Paroczay

Balazs is Vice President of Global Sourcing at Cielo Talent and public speaker. He lives in Budapest/Hungary.

What movie title best describes 2017 for you?

Your person of the year?

That’s me… LOL but yeah, seriously… my stake in 2017 was to fully re-create myself, finalize the build of the #OldMeNewMe and I believe I have achieved this goal… put me to the front of The Times… 🙂

Your favorite album from 2017?

Dunno, I have almost zero connection to albums or so… but wait! Kesha… her turn back… was that this year? Quite accidentally I know about her and I love her…

What are you most proud of this year?

That I finally understood that one can really achieve everything in his/her life… the only limitation we have is coming from a lack of imagination (or we are not bold enough)… it is an awful cliche to say that you need to pursue your dreams, however, if you have any dreams… if you have already articulated your dreams… if there is a scenario in your mind that you would really love to see coming into life, well, work for that! make that happen! real important things will (or at least can) happen in life… fake dreams, not-so-important wishes though will never come into realization – that’s also important to understand

What HR tool or trend disappointed you the most in 2017?

I am getting a little bored by those shouting evangelists who don’t do anything else than repeating the buzzwords of the today’s trends. Bots, chatbots, AI, machine learning and so… sure, we all know these trends… and then what?

And what tool or trend really did live up to the hype?

I am most amazed this year by the brilliant work of Adam Godson, who is the Global VP of Technology at Cielo. Adam is the exact opposite of those shouting evangelists… he is making intelligent technology happen in today’s recruiting. Adam has built recruiting tech systems that automate big portions of recruiting, built automated self-service solutions, automated searches and so on… extremely inspiring!

Your favorite HR blog in 2017?

Nope – I cannot name a favorite.

And the best HR event this year?

I think EVOLVE Summit in Brno was pretty remarkable. Also the Social Recruiting Days in Berlin had a good vibe. Both of these events are on the way to look for a new set-up of education and entertainment. I think they are really trying to recreate, rethink and refine the recruiting event industry.

Which GIF best describes your vision of HR 20 years from now?

Sergej, it is 7AM for me in Brookfield, WI… I cannot really think about any GIF at this moment… LOL

What should HR professionals do differently next year?

We are on a progress curve… and that’s not even a linear line but an exponentially growing development… most things that we hear about nowadays will make reality in the soon future… we need to adapt our thinking and behaviour to a rapidly changing environment. Join uncomfortable professional discussions, read books that give a hard time to understand, get familiar with softwares and other digital solutions that are difficult to apply… stretch your technical and technological capabilities!

What will be the “next big thing” in Recruiting?

Nothing new… but data and technology will come more and more into realization… those who always struggle with numbers or with numerical reasoning will have a hard time in our industry… time is up to be only a “human” professional…

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