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HR messed you up, kid

I like my job. I like it so much, that I spend time on HR topics in my spare time. But let’s face it: Our job has a huge impact on our personality and changes the perception of the world around us. When I saw the video to the song “Punk Rock messed you up, kid” by the band Swain I thought “Ha, HR messed me up” and the idea to this article was born. But can you really bring together Punk Rock and HR? Luckily I got some help from Kasia, Eva and Marcel


Kasia Borowicz, Sourcing & Social Recruiting Trainer,


  1. Most of the people I’d call my friends are either recruiters or somehow connected to the industry.
  2. Whenever I meet someone who isn’t perfectly happy with their job, I immediately start thinking about what would make them happier and how I can help them do that.
  3. I seem to be the go-to person for job searching help in my extended family even though I myself was pretty bad at it
  4. Anything and everything can inspire me to blog about recruiting, from everyday situations to my favorite sci-fi books
  5. I can almost never completely detach from social media – I’ve learned to make myself available at all times so it can make me feel anxious if I’m not!
  6. I’ve learned to enjoy networking and meeting new people even though I’m naturally extremely shy. At some events, I’ll still just sit in a corner checking out my Twitter account…
  7. I firmly believe everyone deserves to be in a job they like and I’ll encourage people (including strangers) to go out and find it
  8. After a few years in the industry, I finally learned to give myself the space to pursue other passions than simply recruiting and instead of just giving others advice on work-life balance I’m following that advice too!

Sergej Zimpel, Senior Recruiter @ ProSiebenSat1 Media SE,


  1. When I meet someone new, my first question usually is “What is your job?” – and sometimes I even conduct a full job interview after that. At parties.
  2. I realized that networking can be fun.
  3. I understood that BarCamps are not a convention for barkeepers
  4. Recruiters are weird. Most of them in a good way.
  5. People are more complex than I thought. Good software engineers are not antisocial basement dwellers and good sales professionals don’t act like sly car salesmen.
  6. Everyone has a great passion and great stories to tell.
  7. Every single company is looking for Javascript Developers (Are you a Javascript Developer? Drop me a message!).
  8. I became pretty good at finding people on the internet. Some people think that’s creepy.
  9. Recruiter memes are a thing


Marcel Rütten, HR Manager @ Kindernothilfe e. V.,



  1. When I started in HR, I used to think that you have to be a legal eagle to succeed. That‘s nonsense. Today I would say it should be a mix of psychologist and IT specialist. And organizational developer. And financial controller. And marketing manager. And salesmen. And…
  2. Ties are out! I think they were never really trendy, but their time is over now. Finally.
  3. Most of the time I spend on social media, I use for my HR network and not for my family and friends. Is that normal?
  4. Blogging, lecturing and networking takes time. Much time. But you get back so much love for it. Sometimes.
  5. Each time, interviewing people who have a high intrinsic motivation warms my heart anew.
  6. I love numbers and statistics when making decisions. Many people say that they rely on their gut feeling. If my gut wants to tell me something, I’ll quickly find a toilet.
  7. Algorithms have nothing to do with Armageddon. IF THIS had happened, THEN I would have missed doomsday.
  8. HR is sometimes so egocentric and only deals with herself, but I still love H(E)R!

Eva Stock, Teamlead HR @ Trust Agents, 


  1. Most of the people I meet nowadays I meet at networking events. I spend more time at networking events than with my friends. Not cool!
  2. I guess my colleagues are way more aware of my life than my mom is. Sorry, guys!
  3. I really love to guess what people are doing for a living. And I am getting better and better at this. Creepy!
  4. When I sit in a café or a bar and casually overhear someone talking in bullshit-bingo-manner about their jobs or companies, I can’t help to listen and comment on this. Yes, that’s annoying!
  5. I never thought I could wrestle down my inner sloth and put so much effort into my job. Even in my free-time, why?!?! I always felt pity for „that kind of people.“ Well…look at me now.
  6. I can easily keep up conversations with anyone. Even if I don’t have the slightest interest in keeping the conversation going. OMG – I became a hypocrite.

I hate this game and will call my mom right away! Thanks for nothing, Sergej!

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